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Many Intrinsic Drivers utilise cloud services for licensing and support. We call this cloud Intrinsic(Athena). Drivers that utilise this technology pass information between a local system and the Intrinsic(Athena) cloud.

1. What data do we collect?

1.1 In order to work effectively drivers utilising Intrinsic(Athena) technology transmit personal and identifiable information to the Intrinsic cloud.

1.2 This data is transmitted securely via SSL and is only accessible by Intrinsic Dev.

1.3 Data that is transmitted may include:

1.3.1 Identity Data: including first name, last name, username, password

1.3.2 Contact Data: including email address

1.3.3 Technical Data: including internet protocol (IP) address, system MAC address, login account and security data of services accessed by driver, time zone settings

1.3.4 Usage Data: including information about how you use the driver

2. How do we collect this data?

2.1 You provide this information by entering it into the driver upon installation or through its use.

2.2 Information is accessed through commands issued by the driver in order that the driver can carry out its purpose.

3. How do we use this data?

3.1 Data is transmitted securely to the Intrinsic(Athena) cloud but is only stored for the duration of a support request. All log files relating to a support request are purged upon completion of support.

3.2 We only use this data to the extent permitted by law. Most commonly it is used in the following circumstances:

3.2.1 To ensure the correct functioning of a driver you have installed from us.

3.2.2 To provide support pertaining to the specific driver you have chosen to install

3.3 We will only use this data for the purposes for which we collected it, unless we reasonably consider that we need to use it for another reason and that reason is compatible with the original purpose.

4. Where we store this data

4.1 As per 3.1 data is only stored for the duration of a support enquiry.

4.2 Data is stored on industry leading external secure servers.

4.3 We have put in place all reasonable and appropriate security measures to prevent personal data from being accidently lost, used or accessed in an unauthorised manner. Whilst taking every effort to ensure data security, neither Intrinsic Group Limited or its subsidiaries are liable for any breach or misuse of data that may occur, howsoever such breach or misuse should occur.

4.4 Access to data is limited to employees and contractors who have a business need to know.

5. Your Obligation as an Installer

5.1 By installing a driver that utilisers our Intrinsic(Athena) technology you are consenting to the use and transmission of data as outlined in sections 1-4 above.

5.2 By installing this driver you are acknowledging that you have gained all appropriate consents from your client, as well as all end users of the driver, pertaining to the transmission, processing and storing of their data as outlined above.

5.3 By installing this driver you confirm your responsibility for ensuring compliance with relevant data protection notifications for your jurisdiction.

6. Legal Rights

6.1 This is a supplementary Privacy Policy for our Intrinsic(Athena) drivers that applies in addition to our standard Terms and Privacy Policy. If you disagree with this or any of our standard Terms we would ask you not to install our drivers.

6.2 You can request a copy of any or the records stored by Intrinsic Dev at any time by emailing

6.3 This supplementary Privacy Policy was last updated 1st May 2020