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7.3.564 Sonos Driver Update


As some of you have now worked out, the latest ELAN g! build has an updated Sonos driver. The driver will detect all Sonos devices on your network including:

Connect (including old ZP80)
Connect:AMP (including old ZP100)
Play 1
Play 3
Play 5
Plar Bar

As you may have also discovered, the driver is still a source only driver.

More good news – Core Programming Limited’s Sonos Zone controller drivers are fully compatible with all Sonos products, and better yet we have released another one!
Our new driver is a variant of our existing Virtual Matrix driver with support for pulling audio from the Play Bar’s optical input. The new driver comes bundled with the existing Virtual Matrix driver and uses the same licence key – so existing customers can also benefit from it!




Overview of Sonos Zone Controllers:

1: Sonos Single Zone Controller
This is the bread and butter driver that every ELAN g! install with Sonos should have. It provides power, volume and mute control over any Sonos product.

2: Sonos Single Zone & Virtual Matrix
This is the step up driver for the seasoned installer. It has all the same functionality of the first driver but it allows you to pull audio from other Sonos units.

3: Sonos Single Zone & Virtual Matrix – Play Bar Edition
This is the same idea as the standard virtual matrix but has been designed to work with the Play Bar’s optical input.


What does that mean?

Simples! On the back of most Sonos products there is an analogue input or Aux in as shown here on a Connect.




These inputs allow any analogue audio stream (Optical on the Play Bar) to not only be played through the Sonos they are connected to, but ANY Sonos player on the same network.
Our driver makes light work of this process by rolling it all into one simple Zone Controller Driver.




The example above is a Sonos Play Bar driver. Here is how we would set it up:

Activation Key: This is the licence key you can buy from our website.

Play Bar AUX In: Typically this is the MAC address of the Play Bar we are trying to control. This allows you in ELAN g! to connect a source device for the TV into the Sonos Play Bar and use it for the TV audio.

Global Feed 1 (or 2): This would be the MAC address of another Sonos with an AUX in somewhere else on the same network. You can then listen to whatever is connected to the remote Sonos’ AUX in through the Play Bar.

Hopefully I’ve made all this simple to understand?

If I haven’t then that’s still cool. We are planning to run Webinars to go over…. Well whatever you guys want, whether its relates to our drivers or not.

If you would like something explained in detail, with the ability to interact with us and ask questions then just log a support ticket with us at: