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October 13, 2022

Apple TV 4K (tvOS 16 and 17) Driver for ELAN

What does this driver do?

This Apple TV 4K (tvOS 16 and 17) Driver for ELAN allows for the integration and control of an Apple TV 4th generation or an Apple TV 4K (5th & 6th generation) running tvOS 16 or 17 from within ELAN.


  • Navigation & transport control
      • Cursor Up, Down, Left & Right
      • Select & Cancel
      • Rewind & Fast Forward
      • Play
      • Pause
      • Home and Menu
      • Stop
      • Info (side menu)
  • (New Oct 2023) Updated for HR40 remote
  • Direct app launching
  • Two-way IP control
  • Newly rewritten using Apple’s Companion protocol
  • Please Note – We only support final release Apple TV software and do not support any tvOS BETA releases
  • WiFi is supported, but a cabled ethernet connection is recommended
  • Driver requires an active internet connection
  • Driver uses Intrinsic(Athena) technology for key free licensing, update alerts and enhanced support
  • Intrinsic Standard Integration – Unofficial public API driver. This driver uses an API publicly available online but not officially released by Apple. This driver is fully supported for the specified firmware (tvOS16 or 17)/model for as long as the API is available. See “Supported Models” tab for more information.

Current version number: 24.7.2

Our Apple TV 4K (tvOS 16) Driver for ELAN is compatible with:

  • Apple TV 4th Generation (running tvOS 16 or 17)
  • Apple TV 4K/5th Generation (running tvOS 16 or 17)
  • Apple TV 2nd Gen 4K/6th Generation (running tvOS 16 or 17)
  • Please note – this is an Intrinsic Standard Integration (Level 3), that makes use of an unofficial public API. The API is publicly available online but is not officially released by Apple. We always recommend advising end users of this and ensuring alternative control options are in place as a back-up. The only official Apple TV integration uses HomeKit but there is currently no HomeKit integration available for Elan.

Apple TV Driver for tvOS 13 and 14 also available

The Intrinsic difference

Our drivers are all developed in-house, in the UK so you can be sure of the highest reliability and responsiveness when updates are required. We never use open source code or code libraries. All of our drivers are thoroughly tested in-house as well as externally through our Beta Programme before being offered on our website.


All of our drivers/modules are supported free of charge through our Online Support system. We offer comprehensive support for all of our software that requires the purchase of a license key for as long as they are listed on the Intrinsic Dev website. If it’s your first time installing a driver or if you believe there is a technical problem simply submit a ticket via our Online Support system.

Enhanced support

We also offer Enhanced Remote Support for each control platform. This support is charged in 30 minute intervals where we are pleased to advise on anything that falls outside of standard driver queries, including, but not limited to, driver installation, wider system integration/programming, general training and system design.


All of our software is available to download free of charge but will require licensing to function. Unless specifically noted only one license is required per controller/processor. You can run as many devices as required up to the limit supported by your chosen control platform.

Easy setup

All of our drivers/modules come with comprehensive Integration Notes to ensure the easiest possible set up of our software. Many also have Installation Tutorial videos to further assist you. Please ensure you refer to these resources each time you install a new driver/module.


If you have any suggestions on new features or changes you would like to see to a driver/module then please let us know via our Online Support system.

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